About Us

Welcome To Company Profile

Riki Security Solution Pvt Ltd is a solution provider for the Defence,Paramilatry, Indian police , all terrain based on the operational requirements in various terrains, climatic and geographical conditions. We are in continuous search and research of various ops equipment for the forces, we serve. We have ability to customize equipment as per force requirements.

Riki has Seven Divisions within the company:

  1. Security Instruments & Gadgets
  2. Combat Medical & equipment
  3. MRO (Maintenance repair and Operations)
  4. All-Terrain Vehicles
  5. Earth Moving Equipments
  6. Portable Power
  7. Defence Protection Systems

We deal with the following group of equipment:

  1. MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations): Deals in MRO in Hankel products (Loctite Brand) like; Thread locker, Adhesives, Sealants, Abrasives, Polishes, Anti Rust, tools and many more.
  2. Riot Control: Special Uniforms, Tactical Multi purpose belts, Body Protectors, Riot Helmets, Riot Control Boots. Riot Control Gloves, Multi Functional Riot Shields, Pepper Spray, Tire defoliators, Neck cooling scarves, Combat Goggles, Hydration Systems, Body worn cameras, Special Communication Systems in noisy conditions, Combat Medic, Riot Surveillance UAV, ATV etc.
  3.  Commando Ops: Special Uniforms, Tactical Boots, Jungle Boots, Tactical Belts, Tactical Goggles, ballistic Helmets, Body Armour Plates Level IV, BPJ Outer with cooling system, Tactical Hand Gloves, Tactical knee and elbow pads, Tactical Communication Systems, Folding Ladders, Daggers and knives, Tactical Multi tools, Spotting scopes, Binoculars, Combat Medic, UAV, Tactical Periscope, Rucksacks, Hydration systems, Tactical Concrete cutting kit, Rugged laptops, Rugged tablets and mobiles, etc.
  4. Jungle Warfare: Special Uniforms, Personal Kits, Sleeping systems, Load carriage, Balaclava, survival kits, insect protection, Jungle and tactical boots, camouflage creams, sniper suits, camouflage nets, Water Filters, Hydration systems, water cleaning kits, water storage, Cooling aids, Tactical goggles, Ballistic helmets, Body armors with cooling systems, knee and elbow pads, Tactical Gloves, knives and multi tools, Military First Aid kit, Individual bullet shot wound kit, Thermal Imagers, Spotting scopes, monoculars, rugged laptops, cooking system, cooking fuel, high energy food, Friend & Foe identifications, UAV, ATVs, etc.
  5. General Policing/traffic Police: Special uniform fabric having better cooling management, Cooling Aids, Holsters, Searchlights, torches, Belts, Peltor communication systems, UAV, ATVs, Rugged pads, CCTV with face recognition, etc.
  6. Medical: Bullet Shot wound treatment kit, blood clotting aids and bandages.
  7. Cooling Aids: Neck cooling scarf and Hot weather hat.
  8. Earth Moving Equipments: – Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoe Loaders & Excavators 
  9. Portable Power- Doosan Air Compressor & Portable LED Power
  10. Defence Protection Systems- Maccaferri defencell , Modular Ballistic Protection System